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DSEY Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Personal Information      个人信息的收集和利用

Collection and Use of Personal Information

  • The information you enter above is provided to DSEY for the following purposes:

    • Providing you with support in connection with the products or services you purchase

    • Sending you information about product releases, special offers, online and in-person events, surveys and similar information

    • if you agreed above to receive that information

    • Sending you operational messages such as those related to warranty information or expiration of your subscription

    • or support contract

    • Tailoring an DSEY website, application or DSEY marketing to your interests


  • 您在上面输入的信息将为了用于以下目的而提供给DSEY。

    • 提供与您购买的产品或服务相关的支持

    • 您同意接收上述有关产品上市、特别服务、线上和线下活动、问卷调查及其他类似信息时, 传送相应的信息。

    • 传送与您加入的服务或保有的技术支持合同的保证相关信息或到期等的重要公告信息。

    • 根据您的关心事项调整DSEY网站、应用程序或DSEY营销。

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