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DSEY Intro

Towards the 4th Industrial Revolution!
A leading company in the hyper-automation ecosystem.


As a leading company in the 4th industrial revolution,oriented in hyper-automation.
DSEY supplies AI based Smart Factory solutions that maximise profits
of the customers. DSEY assembles a digital process that detects,
traces the cause, predicts, and determines automatically by AI.

DSEY is a specialised company in the automation of device industries such as semiconductors, displays, chemicals, and batteries.

DSEY have an AI-based
automation solutions.

DSEY has global partnership with
Solace in Ottawa, Canada, specialising
in high-capacity Data technology.

DSEY Featured Partners

Solace's high-performance messaging middleware solution optimised for various environments and platforms have the best technology in real-time, safe, fast and accurate processing of dynamic messages from global systems such as enterprise applications, big data applications, and mobile & IoT devices.

Solace Global Official Partner

DSEY is the official Asia pacific global technology partner of solace  a high-performance messaging middleware, and supplies high-performance messaging middleware to the Asia pacific area.
DSEY has the largest number of Solace consultants in the c
ountry, and we are carrying out various projects.

We are Solace consultants of DSEY, the consultants, developers, and managers with expertise in the PubSub+ platform, can plan, develop and operate an event portal PubSub+ event broker (software and cloud) based on event-driven architecture andexpertise in the Solace platform.


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A-611, 338, Gwanggyojungang-ro, Suji-gu, Youngin-si,
Gyeonggi-do, Korea 16942


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