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Hyper Automation solution
for new manufacturing in the era of the 4th industrial revolution

AI-based Smart Factory

A system that autonomously controls to approach the process capability goal by predicting future measurement results as well as finding the root cause when AI monitors the process and finds signs

Intelligent Automation Ecosystem

AI-based Smart Factory

AI monitors, predicts and even controls the process

AI-based Autonomous Process Control

  • AI-based process control is possible even in small-volume, multi-product manufacturing where data is inevitably lacking

  • It solves problems that are increasingly difficult to find optimal process conditions, such as extremely delicate processes

  • Process control without the need for complex and time-consuming DOE tasks

  • Accurate control is possible even in changing process environments

  • Advanced multivariate process control algorithm is built-in by default

AI-based Virtual Metrology & Fault Detection

  • A solution to predict measurement results in advance

  • Accurate real-time prediction even in changing process environments

  • VM’s Smart Sampling improves productivity, reduces cost of metrology, and increases quality analysis effect

  • Intelligent FDC that operates just by connecting without the need to manually create SPEC

  • Overcoming limitations of Unsupervised FDC with the help of intelligent virtual metrology

  • AI autonomously monitors the prediction accuracy made by AI

DSEY provides intelligent solutions
to build AI-based smart factories

We provide detailed information about the differentiated DSEY’s products below.

For more information about Signe-S AI solution, please contact the representative number of DSEY

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