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Selected as No Code machine learning textbook, practical lecture

  • The semiconductor and display process diagnosis and control technology research group has selected a textbook.

  • Selected as the essential teaching materials for the 3rd Korea Semiconductor Display Technology Society.

  • Hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy Ι Semiconductor and Display AI Convergence Talent Development Project:

  • It is a specialized company that develops and supplies AI-based intelligent factory automation solutions for semiconductor and display manufacturing.

  • Acquired the Smart Manufacturing System in Silicon Valley.

  • Gains AI-based automation technology differentiated from existing factory automation.

  • Signe-S is Intelligent smart factory solutions and partnered with Solace.

  • Real-time data network

  • Signe-S framework includes components for machine learning, virtual metrology, and advanced process control to maximise factory OEE Solace Press Release 8th December 2020

  • DSEY Korea strengthens its Smart Factory capabilities by acquiring Smart Manufacturing System.

  • Leveraged AI technologies that differentiate from existing factory automation.

  • Unrivalled position in the domestic and international intelligent software marketplace and market leadership aspirations.

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