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With Signe-S, you can assemble Hyper-automation to reality.

AI-based smart factory is a real-time automation system in which all processes beyond the human process stage,such as engineering reports using AI, are monitored by AI, find the root cause, predict, control, and maintain.
Signe-S is a solution that enables real-time engineering by AI.


Signe-S AI-ML

It enables you to perform easy, fast, and accurate machine learning on your target process and quickly finds ways to improve your process by providing you with the insights you need at the right time.


It is a system that autonomously manages process capabilities while monitoring, predicting, and controlling processes without human ntervention as artificial intelligence operates in real time.


It is a high-performance, high-stability MES and equipment control system suitable for the age of artificial intelligence factory.


In AI-based smart factories, data is the most important thing.
It is a solution for various high-capacity, high-density, high-performance data collection, processing, and transmission.

Signe-S Ecosystem is a Hyper-Automation oriented solution
for customers to maximise OEE and supports Cross Platform.


Autonomous fault detection
& classification

AI-based Fault Detection and

A system that AI detects anomaly of
equipment and process

Autonomous Virtual
Metrology System

AI-based Virtual Metrology

A system for use when accurate
predictions are required for dynamic targets, such as process changes. (No retraining)

Intelligent Process
Diagnostic System

AI-based Machine Learning

A machine learning solution that
enables easy, fast and accurate
process diagnosis

Autonomous Process
Control System

AI-based Advanced Process Control

A system that allows AI to automatically reduce dispersion and approach process targets. simply by connecting to the equipment. (No DOE, No Coding)

High-volume, high performance data collection and transmission systems

Solace Event Platform for Event Mesh

A system that collects, transforms, and transmits all high-volume structured and unstructured data and events, facility logs, and image files in a factory in real time


Industry 4.0 Smart Factory AI Solution


Signe-S Architecture for Industry 4.0

For more information about Signe-S AI solution,
please contact the representative number of DSEY

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