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Machine Learning

Singe-S AI-ML

An easy, fast, and accurate ML solution that can be used with only domain knowledge A machine learning solution that automates what data scientists do and can be used on the factory floor.

Machine Learning
Singe-S AI-ML
It is an artificial intelligence-based machine learning solution that goes beyond Auto ML technology. With this, there is no need to worry and code for complex statistical algorithm selection.

Accurately and quickly

Process analysis and
modeling can be done easily, quickly and accurately

Robotic Process

Robotic Process
Automation for ML


Al Application Platform


A solution that runs with just one-click setting properties for all steps without coding

Solutions used by domain experts
in the field without delay

Automating the work
of data scientists

  • Automated feature extraction

  • AI-based noise prediction

  • Provides an optimal machine
    learning algorithm for various
    manufacturing environments

Automated feature extraction

  • Automatically create features
    with a lot of information based
    on statistics

  • Non-linear Parameters
    automatic creation

Prediction report

  • Provides data on the basis
    for making predictions

  • Prediction performance

  • Prediction relevance

Automated data

preparation for ML

  • Automated detection of Singularity

  • Automated detection of highly
    correlation variables

  • Automated detection of outliers

  • Automated detection of timeseries data

Automated feature selection

  • Filtering Embedded Methods,
    built-in wrapper and heuristic

  • Automated Variable Selection

  • Top 10 Contributors find

Build Model

  • Provides tuning function for
    machine learning algorithms
    for model optimization

  • Determining whether the trained
    model is optimal and usable

  • A function that allows you to
    check the selected variable
    during training

  • A function to check the
    correlation matrix between
    the variables selected
    during learning

One-Click Data Analysis

  • Data analysis can be done
    just by looking

  • PCA PLS SOM Analysis

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Correlation Analysis

  • Time Series Analysis

Model evaluation And Prediction simulation

  • Provides evaluation methods
    from various perspectives
    on the model

  • Simulation report

ML Robotic Process Automation

  • Dramatically reduce re-learning time.

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