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AI-Application Predictive Performance Monitoring

 Singe-S AI-APM +

The AI robot ensures system stability and reliable operation

System Monitoring AI Robot AI-APM+

The AI Robot autonomously monitors the system!
Detecting anomalies in advance, tracing their causes, and fixing before impactin users.

By integrating artificial intelligence into the operational system, it can detect real-time anomalies and autonomously resolve them. By incorporating machine learning-based AI Robots, it can predict application performance without the need for administrator intervenation, address issues before impacting end-users, and perform tasks to safely optimize application operations.
Efficient three-step
approach to AI-APM+
  • Early detection of anomalies beforehand
  • Swift root cause tracing before impacting users
  • Optimization of application operations
Signe-S AI-APM+ is an artificial intelligence-based system intelligence soluton that supports poractive responses in IT operations. It collects data from various enterprise IT infrastructure environments, such as applications, databases, servers, networks, and unstructured logs, utilizing machine learning to secure dynamic characteristics, empowering preemptive responses in IT operations.
Signe-S AI-APM+ provides a distinctive proactive system operation foundation, leveraging unique technology that dynamically learns the system's characteristics in real-time based on collected data. This results in accurate anomaly detection, resource trend prediction, root cause identification, and presice AI-driven alert notifications, setting it apart from competitors.
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