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Cyber Physical System

Singe-S AI-VM

Real time self learning-based process capability

prediction server Reinforcement learning engine of

Signe-S VM makes accurate predictions even when processes change

Virtual Metrology
Singe-S AI-VM

Main Features

  • Easy initial setup to reduce deployment costs

  • AI autonomously monitors process changes

  • AI automatically extracts the cause of process change in real time

  • AI autonomously evolves models with self-learning

  • AI autonomously manages the accuracy of virtual metrology


  • Quality can be prevented by accurately predicting measurement results in advance

  • It allows to achieve productivity improvement and quality at the same time by measuring only in situations where measurement is absolutely necessary.
    (Smart Measurement Sampling)

  • Reduce the purchase of expensive metrology

  • Quality analysis and process control capabilities are improved due to sufficient measurement data

Core functions
Autonomous detection
of process changes
model evolution
Self-learning after real-time autonomous
detection of multivariate changes
I extracts the timing of process change and the root cause that can cause a decrease in virtual metrology accuracy

Artificial intelligence detects autonomously in real-time

Advanced algorithm for multivariate change

Automated extraction of root cause in real-time

(Variable Contribution)

management of
predictive accuracy
Self-management to monitor anomalies
in prediction "Explainable AI"
AI extracts the timing of process change and the root cause that can cause a decrease in virtual metrology accuracy

Model Simulation

Predicted SPC
Relevance Monitoring

Prediction Reliability
Monitoring & Alarm

Explain the rationale for autonomous
model evolution

multivariate change analysis, variable analysis, residual
analysis, performance analysis, etc.

Prediction Performance

Signe-S VM enables accurate prediction even under process changes that are not possible with existing VMs, enabling hyper automation


From semiconductors, batteries, chemicals, electricity, electronics, machinery, distribution, to food and beverages, precise real-time predictions enable predictive management across these industries.

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