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AI-based SentinelShield Platform

Singe-S AI-SS+

AI-SentinelShield Platform controlled by AI 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Security AI Robot: AI-SentinelShield+

AI Robot accurately detects security threat abnormalities in real time and quickly defends against them.
Real-time AI detects and defends against security threats and anomalies
The AI Robot monitors security threats and anomalies in real-time
Anomaly Detection for Security Threats
Based on data from IT SEcurity systems, it dynamically learns comprehensive features and patterns in real- time to detect intrusion attempts such as malware infiltration or hacking.
Parttern Recognition for Security
Learns and detects specific patterns associated with malicious behavior or instrusion attempts  real-time. For Instance, It identifies attack signatres or malicious code patterns.
Log and Event Analysis for Security
identifies anomalies related to malicious behavior, intrusion, or attack attempts through machine learning applied to system logs and events. It detects suspicious activities like unusual access attempts or changes in authorization through logs.
Real-time Intusion Prediction and Early Response
Predicts patterns of malware behavior or intrusions in real-time through machine learning to facilitate early interventions.
Real-time AI-based Surveillance
Provides real-time security monitoring without the intervention of security administrators and offers prompt security measures upon detection of anomalies. This is achieved through Robotic Process Automation for swift responses to security threats.
The simplest yet powerful AI-Robot-based real-time security platform

Continuous monitoring even without

a security manager


Protected against internal and external cyber attacks including ransomware, malware, DDoS, APT attacks, and icidents of data breaches.


Accurate detection and alerts for security threats.


Through differentiated AI-based detection and alarms, we resolve the of issue of previously unimaginable false detections and alarms.


Time-saving security analysis


AI-provided contextual information reduces analysis time for security managers.


Accurate prediction of intrusion

Propagation scenarios


We secure the 'golden time' for action by predicting real-time spread scenarios of APT attacks, viruses, malware, and other instrusions, enabling proactive measures.


Anyone can build and operate without specialized knowledge


With the No Code machine learning-based real-time security control system, you can build powerful unmanned control to defend against security threats.

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