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DSEY Korea strengthens portfolio with acquisition of Smart Manufacturing System Company

Eun-young Kang, CEO of DSEY Korea and Jung-won Ryu, CEO of Smart Manufacturing System, signed and held business acquisition cerermony. DSEY Korea (CEO Eun-young Kang) announced on the 1st that DSEY acquired Joong-won Ryu, CEO of Smart Manufacturing System based in Silicon Valley, the U.S., to strengthen its R&D capability in manufacturing.

Smart manufacturing systems have been supplying MES, equipment control systems, and process control systems that are core engines of semiconductor automation systems in Korea and abroad since the 1990s. Through this acquisition, It has the core technology of a smart factory that can encompass large-scale chemical device industries such as semiconductors, displays, and batteries, as well as small and medium-sized manufacturing industries.

Because manufacturing has many changes and special situations, artificial intelligence technology specialised in manufacturing that can perform high-performance and high-precision machine learning by drawing big data in the delicate area is needed. Industries agree that such technology-intensive products are essential elements of the 4th Industrial revolution smart factory.

For this acquisition, the two companies conducted a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the acquisition on 7th of May, carried out a detailed evaluation until 20th of June, and completed acquisition on the 28th.

n-young Kang, CEO of DSEY Korea said, “Through this acquisition, we will be able to execute a differentiated AI-based Smart Factory,” adding “We will take an unrivalled position in the software business and lead domestic foreign markets.”

Meanwhile, DSEY Korea is a company specializing in Smart Factory framework and intelligent automation development, which consists of experts who have been working for 30 years in top fortune 500 companies.

DSEY is also a technology partner and official distributor of Solace, a company specializing in high-volume data processing solutions that is essential for intelligent manufacturing.

2nd July 2019 Digital Daily Sang-il Lee Reporter (

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