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Selected as a no-code needed machine learning textbook and practical, educational material

The semiconductor and display process diagnosis and control technology research group has selected a textbook.

'DSEY KOREA', a specialized intelligent smart factory solution company, actively researches artificial intelligence technology related to semiconductors. In 2020, 'DSEY KOREA' released the 'intelligent Real-time Predictive System (Signe-S VM).'

Signes Virtual Metrology applies advanced process control algorithms based on AI reinforcement learning, enabling autonomous monitoring and identification of defects within the semiconductor manufacturing site. Upon adopting the system, process capability increased by over 20%, and quality improved by over 30%. Conversely, scrap rates could be reduced by more than 90%. DSEY KOREA expressed a proactive intention to support education, stating, "The era has come when it is difficult to respond to the overall efficiency (OEE) of equipment in the semiconductor and display industries with the existing manual-dependent systems."


Elected as the essential teaching materials for the 3rd Korea Semiconductor Display Technology Society Symposium:

"Understanding Intelligent Manufacturing, Equipment Automation, and AI Analysis and Utilization for Equipment Management."

The goal of the symposium, conducted twice in the first and second halves of the year, is to examine the modern trends in the semiconductor field, core concepts of smart manufacturing, and the applicability of artificial intelligence (AI).

The symposium discusses the importance of the changing landscape of modern industry and equipment automation technology, aiming to contribute to shaping a better future. The AI robot process diagnosis textbook was chosen for the second session of the sumposium.

Hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy Ι Semiconductor and Display AI Convergence Talent Development Project:

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy conducted education for students on the topic of of "Process Diagnosis and Control Using Artificial Intelligence" in the semiconductor AI convergence talent development program.

The process diagnosis and control using Artificial Intelligence education systematically delivered the latest technology and industry trends, fostering a deep understanding of the convergence of artificial intelligence and semiconductor technology.

Students had the opportunity to encounter technology used in actual fields, gaining valuable experiences to enhance problem-solving skills and creativity . 'Signe-S was chosen as the teaching materials for practical training on no-code needed machine learning solutions for semiconductors in the 1st to 6th stages. 'DSEY KOREA' will continue its efforts to collaborate between industry and academia, ensuring that more talents can grow into leaders in future technology.

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